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Last updated: September 2022


Basic training & 18th Century skills

    Both distaff (civilian) & Line members of the Regiment are expected to have knowledge of 18th Century military routine common to encampments of the period.  Information is correct for the Regiment based on our research to date of journals, orderly books, & period military manuals.  It is applicable to other Northern Department units portraying a pre-1778 impression.  We also suspect that due to the remoteness of the garrisons & shifting of men & resources to the middle Atlantic & Southern Campaigns, von Steuben’s Regulations were not a priority to the remaining northern units.  The tactics & practices described below may have continued until the restructuring of the Continental Army in 1781.  As our understanding & knowledge increase, this information will be updated.

The information & tutorials here are free for distribution as long as the entire text and citation is included.  Linking to this page is welcome.


Military Skills

Domestic Skills

Sewing Techniques & Tutorials
Building Cooking Fires
Primitive Soap
Cleaning Clothing
Care of Field Accoutrements installing shoe buckles