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Last updated: January 2018



Links to Resources & Other Sites of Interest




E-mail Discussion Lists of 18th Century Interests

Discussion list about the American War for Independence by re-enactors, research historians, genealogists, & others
Discussion list on 18th Century Field Music



NOTE:  Not all wares sold by sutlers are historically accurate or appropriate.  If accuracy & authenticity is desired or required, check with the sutler for documentation or a knowledgeable
re-enactor before purchasing.

Books, high quality accoutrements
High quality reproductions of footware & accoutrements
Quality clothing, accoutrements, camp equipment, leather goods & sundry items
Books, patterns, tinware, camp supplies, footwear
Clothing, accoutrements, camp equipment, & sundry items
Leather accoutrements, footwear, & tinware
Highly crafted tinware
Cordwainers – period shoes
Books, patterns, & accoutrements including oil cloths
Small clothes, knitted goods, & leather goods
Reasonably priced yard goods
Fine linen, woolen yard goods, patterns, & sewing items
18th century styled tents

Black powder weapons & accessories

A selection of books on Colonial America, including Mark Tulley’s Packet I-IV
Reproductions of period military manuals, broadsides, maps, & forms
Reproductions of period books & papers
Period correct paint for wooden items
100 % Hemp rope, webbing, & fabrics
Late 18th & early 19th century nails


General sites on the American War
for Independence

The American Revolution from the PBS series
The American Revolution  National Parks web site


Warner’s Area of Operations

Fort Ticonderoga (NY)
His Majesty's Fort at Crown Point
Crown Point Historic Site
Ile aux Noix, Canada
Mount Independence (VT) State Historic Site
Hubbardton Battlefield (VT) State Historic Site
Bennington Battlefield (VT)
Fort George (NY)


Other Re-enacting Organizations & Units

The Continental Line
Brigade of the American Revolution
Northwest Territory Alliance
The Burning of the Valleys Military Association
The British Brigade

2nd New Hampshire Regiment,
Cherry's Company of L.i.
The Company of Select Marksmen
3rd New Hampshire Regiment The King's Royal Yorkers
United Train of Artillery 24th Regiment of Foot
Whitcomb’s Corps of Rangers  


Research Resources

Slideshows of material culture
Face Book page album images with great details about clothing construction
Center of Military History
Special study by Center of Military History
 at Library of Congress
at Rutgers Univ.
Vol. I., Contents
Texts on line


18th Century Social Interests

Re-print of 1789 dictionary of slang
1780 dictionary
Tutorial & explanations
Expressions from Private Yankee Doodle
How to write & read 18th Century correspondence


Hand Sewing Techniques & Patterns

at NW Territory Alliance
Knitting patterns
at 18C New England Life
Video tutorials from Burnley & Trowbridge
Video tutorial from Stuart Lilie at Fort Ticonderoga