How to Join

Warner's Regiment is a family oriented unit which does not discriminate against people based on their sex, race, religion or creed.  Membership in the Regiment is open to persons of all ages:  those under the age of 18 whose parent(s) or guardian(s) are not members must be sponsored by an adult member of the unit.

Anyone between the ages of 16 & 18 must provide the written permission of a parent or guardian to field with a musket. Those under the age of 16 may not field with a musket, though anyone under the age of 18 is welcome to join & portray a civilian impression.  The members of our unit portray Line infantry (including musicians), militia soldiers, artificers, & camp followers. The impression you choose is up to you.  No prior experience is necessary.

We currently do not have membership dues, however, members of the Regiment are required to be current members of the Ethan Allen Long Rifles for insurance purposes.  Please contact someone from the recruiting staff for a current membership form.

  • Members portraying soldiers must be able to march at least a mile at a time & run or jog for up to several minutes in warm weather with basic accoutrements weighing about 15 pounds.
  • All members should be able to live outdoors for the weekend in tents.

As one of our goals is to educate the public in 18th Century history, particularly military history, providing accurate & correct information & portrayals is important.  Therefore, we expect all members will follow the Regiment's authenticity guidelines:

  • Members portraying soldiers are expected to portray a military bearing & discipline, as well as, proficiency in basic 18th Century soldierly skills.
  • Uniforms are to be constructed from period appropriate patterns & materials as practical. 
  • Women portraying men in ranks are to wear the appropriate uniform & not to wear make up. 
  • Beards & moustaches were routinely against orders of the Continental Forces and socially out of fashion in the 1700's; the Regiment discourages them.
  • Civilian impressions are expected to accurately portray camp follower or artificer life as described by accomplished writings on the subject. Women in camp are expected not to wear cosmetics, fingernail, or toenail polish.
  • Non-period uniform or clothing materials, patterns, & anachronisms must not be visible or obvious during public hours at a distance greater than 10 feet including modern wrist watches, glasses, necklaces, & hanging or hoop earrings. Other types of body piercings are not to be visible.

For those just starting out, the Regiment has a loaner chest to help with your impression by lending some articles of clothing & few accoutrements as members build his/her individual kits.  Please visit the page on portrayals for more information.  We work closely with recruits to build an accurate & functional kit.

The Officers & members of Warner's Regiment encourage those interested in enlisting to visit us at one of the events this season or write to us for more information & get a feel for Col. Seth Warner's Green Mountain Boys.