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Unite or Die Snake


Last updated: September 2022


Military Training for Recruits

Line recruits are required to have a rudimentary understanding of the of how to handle black powder weapons safely according to 18th Century exercises & the maneuvers below before fielding with the Regiment at tactical events for safety & unit functioning.

The section Corporal & Platoon Serjeant are primarily responsible for safely integrating recruits into the Regiment’s Line.  When he believes the recruit is adequately prepared for field service, the recruit’s Corporal informs the Platoon Serjeant who then examines the recruit’s performance & recommends to the Commander.

Primer for Recruits
Individual Movements for the Soldier
Manual of Arms
Manual of Inspection

Platoon Maneuvers for Heavy Infantry

Essential Elements for Field Maneuvers

This animation explains the basic platoon maneuvers & is the minimum needed to move troops on the field.  All advanced maneuvers the Regiment uses are built on these.

An extensive tutorial on firelock reliability, maintenance, & handling is From Click to Bang by Norm Fuss.

    Keeping in mind that using black powder weapons, bayonets, swords, & hatchets carries inherent risk of injury to members & the public spectators, the regiment has adopted a number of safety regulations to minimize risk.  Many of them are incorporated into our routine training, however, we also follow the safety regulations as required by the Continental Line & NY State Parks: