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Last updated: September 2022


February 2021
Added links to the Regiment's Facebook and Youtube pages on the Join page
Added links on Sewing techniques & Tutorials page
Added updated links on Links to Resources page
Added links on 18th Century skills page
January 2020
Updated Events Section for 2020
Updated Cleaning Clothing page
Updated Clothing & Accoutrements page
Updated Regulars Uniform page
Updated Camp follower page
Updated Militia / Civilian page
Added updated documents and links on Sewing techniques & Tutorials page
Fixed broken links on Links to Resources page
Added / updated links to Sutlers on Links to Resources page
Added information on buying a tent

January 2019
Events Section for 2019

January 2108
Events Section for 2018

November 2017
Added Lochee and Simes under Tactical Training in the Member's Section

January 2017
Updated Events Page for 2017
Added Birthday Song Lyrics in Members section

October 2016
Fixed broken link on Military Training for Recruits
Added sewing items to 18th C. Skills page
Added new links to Links page
Deleted broken links from Links page

February 2016
Updated Events for 2016

January 2015
Updated Events page for 2015

February 2014
Updated Events page for 2014
Updated Photo Gallery

March 2013
Updated Events page for 2013
Updated Photo Gallery

March 2012
Updated Events page for 2012
Added EALR Newsletter 2010-11

December 2011
Updated Events page for 2012
Updated Links page

April 2011
Updated Events page

December 2010
Added picture gallery
Added 1780 dictionary and 24th Regiment to Links page

January 10, 2010
Biography of Seth Warner
Increased details on correct clothing for Line soldiers, militia augmentees, & distaff
Under Basic 18th Century Skills -- added:
      Care of Field Accoutrements
      Challenging Sentries - Counter Signs
      Cleaning Clothes
      Simulating Casualties
Under Member's Section -- added:
      List of current Regiment members
      Promotion criteria for Line Members
      Back editions of EALR newsletter Take Aim!
      List of books in the EALR Lending Library
Removed several dead links from Links page

May 15, 2009
Updated Events page for 2009

January 31, 2009
    Care of Field Accoutrements page:  added instructions on stiffening felt hat brims