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Unite or Die Snake


Last updated: January 2020


This is a collection of tid-bits that have crossed the internet over many years. It was begun by Bob Sullivan of Sullivan's Press & greatly expanded.

  You might be a re-enactor if....
...you've ever been chased out of a DAR meeting for “spreading lies about our glorious forefathers!”
...you have ever spent over $300 on clothes that went out of style over 225 years ago.
…you've spent over $500 for a gun that has to have a sharp rock in it to work.
...you can tell the difference between linen & cotton at 30 yards.
...you have ever replayed A&E's “The Revolutionary War” 25 times in a row just to get a glimpse of your foot in the left-hand corner of the screen.
...you've ever fondled your musket lovingly.
…you can sew 12 stitches to the inch or hand stitch a buttonhole in less than 15 minutes.
…you travel over 200 miles visiting an historic site – to sleep in tent.
…you drive by some open land and think “What a great place for a battle!”
…you think a “match” is a glowing cord.
…you've made a vehicle purchase based on how well it accommodates your kit and gets into & out of lost/muddy fields.
…no one will attend a war movie/historical costume drama with you.
…your $20,000+ car sits out in the weather so your $200 tent can stay in the garage.
…your kids can correct their history teachers & produce the primary sources to prove it.
…you believe that your center-seams are the most comfortable shoes that you own. (aren’t they?)
…your stays are more comfortable than your bra.
…you eat 5 meals out of a bowl & clean it twice.
… you know the difference between scarlet & madder red.
… you look into the bottom of the mug to make sure that there isn't anything too nasty in the bottom, but you ask for a clean knife at a restaurant because yours has water spots.
… in the middle of summer, you dread wearing a short sleeved shirt in your air conditioned office, while you can't wait to get to the next event, where you can dress in a long sleeved shirt, with a waistcoat, wool coat, wig, hat, & carry around 40 or 50 pounds of bulky gear on your back, while firing away with your musket, & then relaxing next to your cook fire.